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Digital Window Display System

Digital Window Display System

A digital window display system is the perfect way to engage your customers in today’s experience-driven environment. People want to engage with products. Digital Glass allows you to promote a more personalized ad campaign while turning unused panels and windows into revenue generators.

What is a digital display?

Digital displays are interconnected sets of monitors that promote your products and services directly to people passing by. Present your best face and pique the interest of potential customers.

Our high-quality monitors save you on energy costs while offering intuitive control over your entire marketing campaign. Give people a reason to visit your establishment.

Are digital displays expensive?

A video wall or small advertising monitor is relatively inexpensive compared to the long-term expense of consistently refreshing your content. Displays generally run between 20000 and 27000 Australian dollars. Businesses spend $26,495.763 on average with low-end options selling for near $25023.75.

Purchase and installment are one-time expenses. Graphic design and video editing cost as little as $294.40. Meanwhile, marketing firms offer sets of displays for $5000 or more. You recover the cost of your display within two to three years while gaining more power to display the message that sells the best.

How often should I change my store displays?

Store displays need to rotate monthly for small businesses and bi-monthly for retailers with more revenue and larger marketing budgets. Stale content does not work.

The older your displays are, the less likely they are to remain compelling. If ads are left untouched, your business may start to feel out of touch with your target market and potential customers.

Can I personalize my storefront displays?

A digital window display system places you in control of your message. Holidays, local, national, and world events create opportunities for your marketing team. When your marketing works in near-real-time as with a digital display, you can take advantage of any opportunity.

More personal messages are more powerful than generic advertising. Such content is 202 percent more capable of turning viewers into customers.

Are digital displays like internet ads?

Digital displays pack a serious punch. Like online ads, they allow you to present pictures and videos that capture the imagination rather than simple posters or stale panoramas.

Online advertisements convert visitors to customers. Thirty-three percent of people purchased on Amazon after watching a video. Thirty-five percent were more likely to purchase as well. Images are worth a thousand words while videos captivate.

Where can I find a digital window display system in Australia?

A compelling video wall offers a serious return on investment. Digital Glass uses nearly invisible technology to turn walls and panels into revenue generators. Some businesses see up to 13 percent more foot traffic through digital advertising systems.

Our experts help you create an experience. Our software puts you in the driver seat. The combined power has the potential to lead to sales. Get in touch with our experts today to receive a free in-store demonstration and get started captivating everyone who passes near your retail space.


Digital Window Display System

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Digital Window Display System